5 Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Freelancer

Whether you are a well-established freelancer or someone who has just started, knowing your worth is the first and foremost step.

We know that income in freelancing is equally secure and attainable these days because of better remote opportunities in the market. Still, many freelancers end up getting frustrated because their growth becomes limited and they are not able to reach their full potential even while working harder. There are some of the basic self-care practices that you should take into consideration before this freelancing journey eats you up.

In this blog, we will talk about five mistakes that you should avoid as a freelancer as it is restricting your growth.

Things Which Are Restricting Your Growth

Let’s look at some points which are restricting your growth in freelancing:

Not Treating It like a Business

This is one of the major mistakes that every freelancer does as they treat freelancing as a hobby and not as their business. They never try to look or act professionally as they feel that it is online & there is no face to face contact.

Therefore, it is important to focus on this area and plan things wisely because a lack of focus leads to nothing. For this, always look smart while attending a video conference and maintain the order of everything.

Not Practicing Self Care

While you have the freedom of working anytime and anywhere, you forgot to take out some time for yourself too. For staying more proactive and productive, always eat healthily and create a workable schedule.

Also, take a day off and book a salon to take a break from your hectic work schedule. This way, when you are back to work after an off, you will be back with more power and energy.

Setting Wrong Prices

The time when you start freelancing, you don’t know about the right market prices and you end up charging very less than what you deserve. For that, try talking to your industry professionals on LinkedIn or Twitter to get an idea about the current market prices and what you should charge according to your expertise in a particular domain.

With that, you won’t be making any injustice towards yourself and your services. When you are charging the right prices, you can take up your services to international clients too by approaching them.

Unrealistic Work Expectations

In the beginning, a person gets fascinated by earning money without going anywhere. With that in mind, they take up more work than their ability which they cannot complete on time. Sometimes, under the pressure of completing things before the deadline, the person ends up deteriorating the work quality and ultimately loses the client after some time. This is how you can also be stuck in the loop if you don’t stay within your limits working.

Not Asking For Help

It is quite harsh and unfair to yourself if you keep working without the help of anybody. Being isolated while working can be overwhelming and you should always seek advice/help from your industry experts whenever you have any queries. Or, when you have plenty of work, never do hesitate to outsource it to a fellow creator. It serves the dual purpose of lessening your burden as well as helping someone else.

Final Thoughts

Don’t kid yourself. You are human too! Just because you are a freelancer does not mean you are alone who are going through this. Everyone makes these mistakes once in their life and it takes time to come out better and stronger.

Avoid the 5 mistakes discussed above if you want to excel in freelancing otherwise you will end up wasting your entire way of working. 

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