5 Things to Include in a Template for a Brand

Generally, companies put a lot of effort and thought into the development of a brand and its branding. The branding template is quite important since it defines the graphic representation company’s image. It also acts as a marketing tool and provides recognition to the company. It may include a slogan or a logo. A good template helps in presenting the brand to the world. The template for brand  should be comprehensible and well-received by all the members of the company. A proper template should be used that compliments the brand. Here are 5 things that could be included in the template to make it look more impressive : USE A BRAND STORY A good brand story would make the template look more appealing. A brand story includes the things that the brand focuses on and cares about the most. Inculcating it in the template would help in communicating the values of the brand to the public. A brand story can differ from company to company. Its inclusion will promote the vision of the company. It will further state the core values of the brand on the template. Companies such as SKYPE and Facebook have used brand stories to tell the people about what their brand is all about.
 In the past, templates were used based upon the logo of the company. The present day scenario has seen a varied variety of color schemes used in the template. Multiple color schemes are used by many brands to create a good impression. Well known and consistent colors should be used in the template to keep a healthy brand recognition. Specific color combinations should be experimented and they should be used. Good contrasting colors should be used which do not make the template look awkward.
 Typography is a really substantial factor. Choosing the wrong type of font would make the template look awkward and would draw negative attention towards it. Making bad choices in relation to the font style of the template can really worsen the brand reputation. Relying on the type of brand or business fonts could be selected. Some brands even create their own fonts for the respective templates. Proper font styles and sizes are to be used which appreciate the visual style of the template.
Templates with imagery should be used. The style, color, content and visualization used in the template adds to the brand’s image. Illustrations and charts can be used in the template as well depending on the type of brand. Photographs can also act as a substitute to the illustrations. While using pictures in the template, color composition, schemes, styles and technical points have to be kept in mind which aid in making the photography fit in the template. Various companies use images and visualization in their templates to give their brand an extra edge.
 Brand voice should be communicated by the template. It should not be underestimated at all. Find the template style that coincides with the personality of the brand and finds a connection with the audience. In some cases, simple outlining the writing style within the template can prove effective as well. Use a style that heroes the brand and uplifts it. Inspiration can be taken from many companies while choosing a template. One can think of innovating templates as well depending on the type of brand. If you find out that the chosen template is not going your way, there are many pre designed templates one can choose from.

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