5 Things to Look in a Template

Not everyone needs to create something resembling Gen Z or utterly creative or design-savvy. We understand this prevailing problem with various brands and thus, by incorporating extremely effective, creative and easy design capabilities into the designs made by Picboot, we provide you free access to a vast number of design templates that can be used for an array of projects or many more things.

Start exploring popular designs. But how?

We are here to explain and help you explore basic things to be focused while choosing a design template.

Given below are 5 things that you should look into a template while choosing it:

  1. Size of template

You might face the size issue everywhere and everytime. Size of a template is the primary function of sight while choosing any template.

There are many templates which are set in a certain way and one has to change the size as per the requirement of a project. As a result, the creatives lose their creative identity.

Hence, it is very important to choose the appropriate size of templates by defining whether it is for Instagram post, Instagram story, presentation cover, Facebook cover, landscape mode, portrait mode, etc.

Sizes are divided into many parts -

  1. On the basis of social media – It can be an Instagram story, Twitter post, Reddit post, WhatsApp story, Facebook cover, etc.
  2. On the basis of illustration modes – It can be portrait mode or landscape mode.
  3. On the basis of ratio – Most used templates are 1:1 and the same way 3:4, 9:1 and many more are also the templates that can be selected.
  4. On the basis of pixels – 1200 x 1200 pixels, 1500 x 500 pixels, 2560 x 1440 pixels, etc.
  1. Thematic presentation

It is quite tough to get a track on the theme template. Therefore, it is always suggested to choose a template that suits your theme requirements. Whether you are searching for spooky themes, creative themes, illustration-based templates, posters for your events, cover and slides for your presentations and much more.

Templates when selected according to the themes gives an individual the best vision to edit them further according to the requirements. Hence, one must look into the templates that wholly describe one’s theme.

  1. Design elements

No matter how attractive the template is, if it does not contain the enhancing  elements that you require, it becomes useless and monotonous. Choose a template that is apt with all the design elements that suits your requirements and edifies your brand.

Design elements are the extra elements that enhance the template and help in making it look creative, useful, design-savvy or just an integrated form of requirements.

Elements can be a price bubble, chat clouds, ribbons or many other graphics and images that help you in describing your vision in the most attractive and informative manner. There are elements like ribbons, frames and more that help in emphasizing the and out-casting the information that one must in priority when looking into a template.

  1. Font composition and text placement

Variety of texts and their compositions are available when it comes to the editable templates, but it is important to select on the basis of needs rather than just selecting it haphazardly or on the basis of creative elements only.

When selecting a template, it is important to look for texts that accompany your vision of making that particular poster or illustration.

For example – while making a corporate template, it is important to select fonts that are simple, understandable and yet attractive such as arial, calibri, and more. While creating some spooky posters, fonts that can be used are Amsterdam, signature etc.

This way text placements and font compositions can play an important role for you.

  1. Easy to edit and use

A template should be simple and easy enough in such a manner that a user who has no knowledge of the intricacies of template syntax—can also use it in the correct manner.

Ready-made templates are widely used nowadays. Hence, it should be easy to use and manageable in such a manner that newbies can understand and work on it in an efficient way.

Focus on intricacies

No matter if you are an amateur or a pro. By following the above given points and selection criteria, you can easily make your selection according to your requirements. A good template always allows you to integrate and import consistency into your designs by offering thematic set-up, uniformity and vision in your base layout.

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