75th Independence Day: Live the Indian Dream with us this 15th of August

It has been decades since the country’s independence. This year we are celebrating the 75th Independence Day with the same enthusiasm as last year. 

The word August itself holds significance more than just a month. In Latin, August means ‘Venerable’, which in simpler words was a title given to the deceased who attained a certain level of sanctity. 

No wonder India achieved its independence this month! 

Freedom is a lifestyle that we prefer to choose. But it has taken lives to gain this freedom. Let us take insights into what Independence day is, its history, and its importance. 


Well, let us say that India has a very interesting and worth mentioning history. This is common information that on 15th August 1947, India was divided into two nations; India and Pakistan. 

But what was the cause of this separation? 

Enervated by the suppression from Britishers in 1858, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, along with others, decided to separate India into two distinct nations to maintain peace.

Further, the British army was also divided into three categories namely, Royal Indian Army, Royal Indian Air Force, and Indian Civil Services. 

Although this might have sounded like a wise decision at that time, it led to a brutal war between India and Pakistan; The Indo-Pakistan War of 1947. To date, there is a rift between the two nations. 

Post-war, a union was formed to ensure freedom for all and the secular federation of India. Vallabhbhai Patel (deputy Prime minister) along with Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru (Prime minister of Independent India) and M.K. Gandhi fabricated the Constitution of India.

There was a reason for the Indo-Pakistan war of 1947. Some of the princely states were rather difficult to divide between the two nations. 

These included:

  • Junagadh
  • Hyderabad
  • Kashmir

Except for Kashmir, the rest are Hindu-majority states with Muslim leaders. The Muslim majority in Kashmir has always been a cause of quarrels. It still is the cause of many riots.

But why 15th August?

Earlier January 26 was decided to be the date of Independence of India. However, Lord Mountbatten (the last British ruler) was instructed to hand over the reins to the British parliament before June 30, 1948. 

However, he might be aware of the riots that will succeed on June 30. Therefore, to avoid it, he decided to take action in August 1947. 

Lesser known fact: 

Pakistan became Independent on 15th August as well. But later the date was shifted to 14th August maybe because it was 27th Ramdaan.

Post-Independence India

It commenced with the conduction of the first elections in 1952, successfully won by Jawahar Lal Nehru. 

After his death, Lal Bahadur Shastri became the Prime minister of India. But he soon died after signing the Tashkent Agreement to resolve the consequences of the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965.

Soon after, Indira Gandhi became the Prime minister after winning the elections. Over the years, India strengthened its relations with the United States, going against the non-alignment movement. Her party was soon named the Congress party and is still in the spar for victory.

The third war between India and Pakistan was fought in 1971, wherein India won and formed the now state called Bangladesh.

However, after the tragic death of Indira Gandhi, her oldest son Rajiv Gandhi was chosen to be the Prime minister in 1982.

The 1990s was a major year in the history of India, retrospecting the number of riots and the assassination of the Prime minister. It was an unfortunate year for India enduring the impact of the Babri Mosque and Bombay riots.

Independence Day 2022

Over the years, the Prime ministers have paid a tribute to our freedom fighters and respect to the nation, by hoisting the National Flag on Red Fort, Delhi.

This is further followed by a military parade on the Rajpath, New Delhi. The whole festivity is broadcast live on television. It terminates with the addressing speech of the Prime minister to the nation. 

People often wear tricolors and hoist National Flags on their vehicles to show their tribute. The sky is full of tricolor kites.

It has also become a common occurrence for people to post Independence Day Instagram Creative Post. Some people send posters and messages using the Independence Day templates to their friends and relatives.

Wrapping up 

India is fortunate to live freely and without dictatorship and celebrate all the significant events with unity. Its rich history is the subject of much research and generates curiosity among citizens. 

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