A Complete Guide: – How to Choose The Best Colours For Your Brand

They say first impressions count like anything. This is super true especially when it comes to your own brand. Your brand colour will likely be the first thing a customer will notice. Colours convey specific information, emotions and feelings. This eventually enables the customers to form a first impression based on the colours that you have used in your brand. When the customers do not even know what the product is really about, the colours used often help them decide whether or not they want to engage.

Hence, the colours you choose must go well with what you want to convey through your brand. Here, we can take examples of brands like Coca-cola, Cadbury, Apple etc. to understand the importance of colours in an even better way. Let us further understand how the best colours can be chosen step by step:-


There has been a whole lot of research regarding colour theory. A few of them are listed below-

  • PINK is feminine, sentimental and romantic. Different shades of pink reflect different traits like hot pink indicates boldness.
  • RED is the colour which is often associated with danger, excitement as well as energy. It is also well known for being the colour of passion and love.
  • YELLOW is optimistic. It is a happy colour which is associated with positivity and playful.
  • ORANGE just like its namesake is a fresh colour which is full of vitality. It also signifies being adventurous, and creative as well as something that is cost-effective.
  • GREEN is its commonly used sense is natural and indicates sustainability. But if stretched, it can also align towards prestige and wealth.
  • PURPLE indicates majesty and royalty. It can also be spiritual and mysterious in different ways.
  • BROWN really is honest and down-to-earth. It is usually used for products that are organic and wholesome.
  • BLUE is calming but is also associated with depression at times. It is also trustworthy and reliable.
  • WHITE is pure. It is used to signify things that have simplicity and innocence. It has a minimalist feel to it.
  • BLACK is both sophisticated and elegant in its own way. It can be luxurious as well as formal but can also at times be sorrowful.
  • MULTICOLOR is actually united or open to anything. It can be used to capture the spirit of unity in diversity.


First up, you need to have a very clear idea of what your brand is really about. Then you will think about what your goals for your brand are.

Following this, you will then give a thought to what you want your target audience to feel about your brand.

All of this will surely help you pick the best colours for your brand.



One thing that we know for a fact here is that brand colours need to stand out or be instantly recognizable to your customers.

Since your product often appears in the market with other brands and will stand as a competitor, you definitely do not want to look the same as the other brands.

Hence, you need to choose colours that make your brand look authentic and eye-catching, making it unique and better than the other available brands in the market. Because, when every product looks the same, it is easy to be overlooked.


To conclude, embrace colour theory to understand what colours really mean before you choose them for your brand. Identify what is the true essence of your brand to go for the relevant colours.

Keep an eye on the competitor brands and prepare accordingly.

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