A Step by Step Guide for Beginners: How to Create a Simple Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Visual aesthetics is the foremost important aspect of digital marketing. They easily attract an audience. The human mind understands and remembers the visuals more than the written content. 

Designing a logo is a predominant factor in deciding if your brand would be worth remembering. 

Designing a logo can also be an overwhelming process. You need to have a deep understanding of the company's analytics and values. 

Adobe Illustrator is the best designing software. It offers a wide range of tools suitable for different types of industries. You can use Adobe Illustrator for print, video, and digital media. 

However, the extensive range of tools can boggle the beginner. If you want to learn how to build logo design in Adobe Illustrator, read it till the end. 

Step 1- Setting Up the Document 

Begin with a blank canvas but a clear vision. It is crucial to have a lucid design before using Adobe Illustrator. Having too many ideas might clutter your mind. 

Select the create a new button on the left side of the screen. Whether you are making a basic or advanced logo in Adobe Illustrator, select the portrait mode and the CMYK colour family. 

Pro Tip- To boost the resolution of the content, select the high roaster effect option. 

Step 2- Setting Up the Workspace

When you open Adobe Illustrator, you will find an option of workspace on the top right corner. 

For a novice, painting a workspace is the most suitable option. Besides that, Adobe Illustrator offers other workspace options such as automation, essentials, layouts, printing and proofing, tracing, and typography. 

Shifting to the painting workspace will open a panel on the right side of the screen, This panel has all the colour options. The panel further has a provision for brushes, strokes, and symbols. 

Moving further, you will observe a list of tools on the left panel of the workspace. Let’s understand important Adobe Illustrator tools for beginners. 

Step 3- Using the Shapes Tool 

Adobe Illustrator offers both simple and advanced shapes. On the left panel, you will find a tool in the shape of an ellipse. This is your shapes tool.

Long clicking on the tool button, you would see the shape options available. These include- rectangle, ellipse, polygon, star, and line segment. 

It is a myth that high-quality and aesthetic logos need complicated shapes and patterns. It is the complete opposite. 

After adding the shape of your choice, you can fold the corners with the direct selection tool. Hold the mouse and drag the corners towards the centre.

Step 4- Adding the Text 

To add text to the logo, you need to select the option of type tool from the main menu. Then, drag the editor to the workspace to create a text box. 

You will find multiple options under the paragraph and character options to change the font, font size, line spacing, and many more. 

You can choose the font most fitting according to the brand. Try avoiding thicker fonts because those can be difficult to understand. 

Step 5- Adding the Colours

Be sure to choose the selected tool from the left panel before moving on to the next step. Click in the centre of the logo and choose the colour from the swatches option in the right panel. 

You can further add multiple lines and objects with gradient colours. You can further change the looks of the lines and objects in the appearance section in the right panel, the one with the layers.

Summing Up 

The idea of designing a logo might seem challenging and overwhelming. But, if you follow the right steps, adding your creativity, it can be a fun process. 

However, if you do not have the time and investments to hire a professional graphic designer, you can download Picboot readymade logo templates and edit them in Adobe Illustrator for free. 

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