Adobe Illustrator: How to Convert A PNG to Vector with Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an immensely powerful vector graphics editor designed for graphic designers. PNG is a raster image that degrades in quality when scaled up.

But Adobe Illustrator can do more than create artwork; it also helps you convert PNG files to vector graphics and carry out various tasks like resizing images, cropping, and rotating them.

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Why Should You Use Vector Image?

Vector images are a great way to create professional-looking illustrations and graphics that don't require you to use a lot of time and effort. They are an excellent choice when you want to quickly illustrate ideas, concepts, or ideas for your clients.

Vector images are also a great way to create illustrations that can be used on a web page without worrying about them being distorted by scaling down. This makes it easy for people to view your work even if they don't have high-end graphics hardware.

Vector images are a good choice for any business that wants its graphics to look professional and clean, especially if they want the graphics to be used on the web or in print. Vector graphics are often referred to as raster graphics because they are created using pixels on a grid.

How to Convert PNG to Vector With Adobe Illustrator

Here are some simple steps to convert PNG to vector with adobe illustrator
Select the File

The first step is to select the file you want to convert. It is recommended to covert a low-resolution image with a white or transparent background. You can select multiple files at once or create a folder and drag individual files from that folder into the 1st page of adobe illustrator.
Use Image Trace Option

Go under the Edit menu and choose Image Trace. This will open up a dialog box that lets you select specific areas of the image. You can use it to trace around an object or create a shape covering an entire area.

Once you've selected your image file, use the Image Trace option from the Object menu. This will trace over the artwork with a white line, leaving only the outline of your image in place. You can change this to any color or thickness you want. If you don't like how it looks, select the Trace option again and trace over it again.
Fine-Tune Process

After the Trace Panel is used to fine-tune the procedure once the image has been traced open. Select the Mode option to choose between colors, grayscale, and black and white. You may also use the Colors slider to simplify or add more details to the image.

Now that your image is selected go ahead and choose Draw From Visible from the Layers panel menu again. This time, however, select Vector Tool from the drop-down menu next to your cursor tool so that you can start tracing around your object.

Once you've selected your area and entered width and height values, click OK. The next screen will show you how much of your image has been traced. If there are more areas left than you need, press Delete to remove them from the tracing process. If too many areas are left on your image, then press Shift+Delete until only what you need is left behind.

After tracing all your objects, go back into Object Mode and Ungroup them (Cmd/Ctrl+G). Now that they're ungrouped, they'll be placed in their layer to be repositioned easily.


That's a simple method to convert PNG to a vector. While many methods for converting PNG to vector in Adobe Illustrator, this hands-on tutorial will walk you through the simplest steps. Don't forget to save and export your file from Adobe Illustrator.

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