Designing a Creative Facebook Cover

Your Facebook cover image is one of the top prominent images which is on the top of your profile. Designing it can be a bit crucial and requires plenty of effort.

Whatever you choose, if you customize it, you add life to it. Since it is public and everyone can see it with respect to your profile picture, it becomes more important to customize it.

You don’t have to go through any complex process to design a Facebook cover. Rather, you just need to choose a template and add the necessary elements for a more minimalistic and space-minded approach.

In this blog, you will find out some clever ideas and steps to design your eye-catching Facebook cover with minimum effort involved.

Why Use a Facebook Cover?

You cannot neglect the importance of a good Facebook cover as it is something that adorns the top of your profile. For personal branding purposes, it is a great way by which one can do personal branding on its own.

For that, the best way to create a great Facebook cover is to always link it with who you are and what you do. Even while looking good, it attracts new customers to your business with little or no cost involved.

Also, choose an impactful image on your cover since it grabs the user's attention and lets them explore more about you and your agenda.

Steps to Design an Eye-Catching Facebook Cover

Let’s look at some steps with which you can design a great Facebook cover with the best creativity:

Decide Your Color Grid

There are several color schemes and patterns available in the designing applications which one can take into consideration. You can take any color combination of your choice. For example, you can take either a form or cool shades according to preference.

Pick a Template

Based on the color scheme that you have selected, you can now choose any template of your choice on which you are going to place all the items together. Since it is a Facebook cover picture, the temperature should be 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels tall to be able to fit.

Add Background & Text

Now it’s time to add background and text to the template. It is one of the most basic building blocks while designing a Facebook cover. It must be clear and precise and you should remember that you are not overdoing it as it will look messy. For that, establish a focal point on which one working.

Insert Graphics

There are plenty of 2D and 3D graphic options available that you can put on. You can even resize and adjust everything with filters and effects. If you are not satisfied with the available images on the application you are using, you can simply upload an image from your gallery.

Go More Creative

You can even go more creative and experiment with the visuals, shapes, and sizes to personalize everything and make it look more professional. Always remember while designing that your profile picture will take up some space of your cover picture from the bottom left corner. So, avoid adding any important element to that corner.

The Bottom Line

Have you seen how important it is to design your own Facebook cover? It depicts who you are as a person and what you are doing as a brand. Therefore, you should always design a good cover for yourself.

However, if you don’t have any idea about designing a cover on your own, you can always take the help of a good graphics designing company. The company consists of professionals and experts who make the most out of it.

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