Does Email Newsletter Design Matter in Engaging Audience?

Email newsletters are an eloquent digital marketing strategy to engage with your audience and keep them informed about your brand. However, many businesses overlook the importance of design in creating an effective newsletter. 

In this blog post, we'll explore why your email newsletter design matters more than you think. We'll also provide some tips for creating a visually appealing and effective newsletter.

Tips for Visually Appealing Newsletter


Design - the first thing to consider when you want to engrave your brand in people's minds. Design is the first thing of how people perceive your brand. A poorly designed newsletter can make your brand appear unprofessional or insignificant, whereas a well-designed newsletter will make your brand appear polished and trustworthy.

A well-designed newsletter impacts audience engagement. People are more likely to read and share content that looks good, and a well-designed newsletter can help make your content more shareable.

Clear Layouts

A legible and navigable email newsletter design promotes a clear and loud message to the target audience. Using a simple and consistent layout and fonts for corporate emails seems professional and engaging. You can use a creative font for e-commerce and fun brands, but do not get carried away with it. The reader should still be able to read it without squinting their eyes. 

High-Quality Images

No matter what industry, high-quality images are crucial for every aspect. According to statistics, companies send about 4 billion emails every day, and the number will rise to 4.6 billion by 2024. Relevant content along with high-quality aesthetics can work wonders to engage the audience to click on the email newsletters. Images can help break up text and make your newsletter more visually interesting. However, refrain from using pixelated or low-resolution images. 

Consistent Colour Palette

Another important aspect of email newsletter design is to use a consistent colour palette. The colour palette is the brand identity, and different colour palettes give rise to many emotions. Many famous brands like Mcdonald's and Pepsi stick to a particular colour palette. And thus, cast an impact on people's minds. 

Consistent colour palettes will help make your newsletter look more polished and chic and without a doubt, make it easier for people to recognize your brand. You should also make sure that your newsletter is easy to navigate, with clear headings, subheadings, and a logical structure.

Responsive Design

It's also predominant to impart the ease of reading the newsletter on any device. It includes a large enough font for a small screen and optimised images for different screen sizes. Over 61.9% of people access emails through smartphones, thus making it more vital to optimise the email newsletter according to mobile devices.

Valuable and Interesting Content 

Besides colour-coordinated and responsive design, valuable and informative content captivates the audience more. And thus comes the role of the target audience. A particular niche content will not attract 90% of the audience. Some might like sports, while some like fashion-related news. Targeting the right audience will increase your number of email subscribers. It is crucial to generate informative content with visually appealing aesthetics.

Popular Email Newsletter Designs 


Who doesn’t know about Zomato? With a traffic of approximately 20M, in December 2022, Zomato ranks #2 in the food category in India. Although only a small percentage of 0.24% of the total visits come from emails, Zomato has not stopped its interactive and fun email newsletters. 

Source: Pandora Box


Vogue is the top leading fashion magazine across the globe. Sharing vast information but not limited to fashion, beauty, culture, lifestyle, and horoscope, Vogue magazine has become a brand sharing information through books, podcasts, and websites. Vogue email newsletters are a perfect example of minimalist design, focussing on the USP- the image. 

Source: Email Tuna


On the day of its launch, November 2019, Disney+ sent many emails of either “The website is live” or “Be among the first to join” to engage as many people as possible. Staying dedicated to the colour palette, Disney+ had the whole email in blue background with minimalist font and a clear message to the audience. 

Source: BePro Events


In conclusion, your email newsletter design matters more than you think. A well-designed newsletter can help make your brand appear polished and trustworthy, increase engagement with your content, and skyrocket the number of shares. 

You just have to remember the cardinal elements of an effective email newsletter- valuable content, visual aesthetics, and responsive design. And just like that, you have a newsletter that guarantees to engage the audience and build the brand.

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