UI is a Part Of UX But Not the Whole of It

Most of us have heard of the terms UI and UX but might not be aware of their proper usage and meaning, or some of us often use them interchangeably. Is this some sort of hip trend? Is it okay to say that UI is a subset of UX?

Well, to comprehend the distinction and application, one must first understand what UI and UX stand for.

In this article, we're going to find the truth and debunk all of your misconceptions regarding UI and UX. 

What is UI?

"UI" refers to "user interface." The user interface of a program is its visual aesthetics. In other words, UI is the graphical content of a product and services. It consists of the icons that users click, the content that they read, the pictures, tools, input text boxes, and all of the other elements with which the users can interact.

This involves the design of the screen, transitions effects, interface animations, and each and every slightest interaction. Every graphical aspect, interaction, and motion must be designed.

UI designers design and decide how the application will look. From color palettes to icon forms, line widths, text font size, and styles UI designers are in charge of everything that is related to the appearance of the product.

What is UX?

"UX" refers to "user experience." How an app is functioning or the way users interact with it and navigate it determines the user experience of a product. Is the experience simple and convenient, or difficult and elusive?

The user experience is decided by how simple or complex it is to engage with the user interface elements produced by the UI designers. A UX designer makes decisions about how the user interface will function.

This defines the function and structure of an interface about how the components fit together. If it works properly, the user will have a seamless experience. The user experience will be terrible if navigating is complicated or confusing. UX designers and firms avoid the second scenario.

The difference between UI and UX

The appearance and performance of a product or service are two distinct things. When a person visits a website or an app the graphical content, navigation colors icons, and fonts are part of the user interface and designed by a UI designer.

On the contrary. UX designers make sure that all these things work properly to attain the desired goal which is to allow users to effectively interact with the website. 

The UI can be appealing to instantly grab the attention of the visitors while UX ensures that visitors can leverage the service easily. It is possible to design something that is visually appealing but if it is difficult to use it cannot be used by a large number of people.

To sum it up, the basic distinction between UI and UX is that the UI is how it appears, whereas the UX is how it functions.

Is UI a part of UX?

Now, after understanding both, the question arises, Is it correct to say that UI is a part of UX? 

According to Nielsen Norman Group, “‘User experience’ encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

The user interface (UI) is only one element of user experience (UX). Apart from the UI, several other factors affect the overall user experience such as user flow, accessibility, the authenticity of data, and attainment of objectives.

Thus, it is now crystal clear that UI is an element of UX but not the whole of it. UX is bigger and more valuable than UI. Experts have suggested that a designer should not design things for likes but to make them easy, usable, and accessible to the target audience. 

However, we have come to the conclusion that despite being different from each other, UI and UX should be kept in mind in order to get good results.

A stunning design can't save an interface which is confusing, abrupt, and difficult to use.  A fantastic, perfectly-suited user experience can be ruined by poor graphics and visual interface design that makes using the app unbearable.

To design a perfect user interface/experience, both UI and UX designs must be perfectly done. You can explore thousands of amazing designs at Picboot.

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