Which Typography is Best for Professional Websites?

With the changing content consumption pattern of the audience, readers are quick to judge the website. And most of the time that judgement is based on the website design.

Many factors contribute to a website's design, like a suitable colour palette, high-resolution pictures, top-notch content, and typography. Fonts play an important role in convincing users to stay on the website. 

Typography not only acts as the voice of your brand but also complements the content of your website. While choosing a font for a business website, you need to understand that your potential clients will be reading your content. 

Professional website design ensures that the readers take your business seriously. Avoid using funky fonts for a professional website. That will reduce the readability and increase the bounce rate of your website. 

Out of thousands of fonts available, how to choose the most suitable font for a professional website? We are cutting down to the chase for you with the five below fonts that work best for a professional website.

Times New Roman

Even after all these years, Times New Roman still manages to be pretty relevant while choosing a formal and neutral content font. 

Many people consider it to be outdated, but it's really difficult to go wrong with this serif font for professional work. The fact that people are used to reading this vintage font family makes it more likeable.

Open Sans 

When it comes to choosing a highly readable and minimalist font for your business website, Open Sans might be the one for you. It's one of the best fonts for user experience (UX) and readability. 

This sans-serif font is unquestionably reliable as it's optimised for both web and mobile interfaces. Although Open Sans is pretty recurrent and is everywhere, some of the best websites still use this font.


This sans-serif typeface is geometric but also has open curves, which makes it look professional and readable. 

The fact that Roboto is used as a default language for Android and Google services shows how good of a balance it maintains between being a professional and friendly font.


Montserrat is a geometric sans-serif font that is integral almost anywhere on your site. Montserrat is best for enhancing digital optimisation. 

The modern, bold, and youthful aesthetic of the font makes it more captivating among millennials. That's the reason why most of the new-age sites gravitate towards Montserrat for their website design.


Even after being one of the oldest existing fonts, Lato still can't miss any possible list of professional fonts. The original idea of Lato was for corporate use, and it is still quite relevant in that domain. 

This sans-serif font feels warm and portrays high professionalism. Lato is a perfect blend of professional and friendly vibes, which make corporates use them for professional fields like accounting and finance.

Take your call

After becoming familiar with all these fonts, you'd better decide which one works best for your professional site as per your requirements. 

The idea is to strike a balance between a serious and a friendly look. The font speaks volumes about your brand, and you need to ensure that you leave a vital first impression.

If you are still confused about deciding the perfect typography for your professional website, Picboot is here to help. Check out more professional fonts and detailed information on Picboot.

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